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Eye Exam in Lake Charles, LA

Even if you don’t wear glasses or contacts, an annual Lake Charles, LA, eye exam can help protect the health of your eyes. Staring at a computer screen all day and being exposed to bright sunlight can both cause strain to your eyes. The experienced doctors at 20/20 Vision Clinic can give you an eye exam to make sure your eyes get the personalized care they deserve.

Up-to-date Vision Care Technology

When you schedule your appointment during our flexible office hours, you’ll have access to some of the latest advances in eye care practices and procedures. We’ll check your vision, and if you need glasses or contacts, we’ll help you select frames or lenses from our selection of leading, trusted eye care products. We care about the overall health of your eyes in addition to your vision, so we’ll use cutting-edge technology to check for any sign of eye disease.


20/20 Vision Clinic has been seeing patients for Lake Charles, LA, eye exams since 1983, and we look forward to seeing you too. Just give us a call, and we’ll get you in to see one of our doctors right away.